Change of Plans

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Well, it turns out Matthew won't be coming home on friday after all. It turns out no one bothered to inform the attending physician (who is the one who actually has to sign the discharge order) that friday was the day Matthew was going home. He doesn't think Matthew's quite ready to go home yet, so it's been delayed until early next week at the soonest. We're honestly a little relieved since he still has trouble with his feeding and because we still have so much to do to get ready for him.

We did have some good news today. Matthew took his entire noon feeding (now 62 ml) from the bottle in about 15 minutes. He was WIDE awake at noon which is probably why he was able to take all of it, but it completely exhausted him. He slept straight through his three and six o'clock feedings before waking up around 6:30 or so.


We couldn't be happier about the news. God's timing is always perfect! Now you will be able to get more done with the house so you feel better prepared for Matthew's arrival.
We cannot wait!!!!!!! to hold little Matthew. Even if we all have to wear masks to do it! He is an absolute miracle baby. We had a women come in to labor and delivery a few weeks ago who was only 23 wks and 5 days along. Some of the nurses and doctors were saying that she didn't have a chance, and her baby wouldn't have a chance; that's, of course, when I told them all about Matthew's life, and how God can do absolutely anything!!!!!! By the way, she is now just over 27 wks on magnesium, and both she and her baby are holding out strong. PRAISE GOD
We love you lots and lots,
Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

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