Getting Better at Feeding

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Matthew's getting better at feeding from the bottle. He generally takes about half of his total feeds each day from the bottle and usually takes at least one whole feed from the bottle each day.

He's finally past the 3175 g (7 lb) mark, and growing regularly. He's putting on an ounce or two a day. He's getting a lot stronger too. He can hold his head up for longer periods now and is getting good at pushing himself up with his legs when he's laying on your chest. He's also able to move himself around his crib. The nurses regularly find him in different parts of the crib after laying him in the center.

We're currently planning on thursday as his release date, but we need to talk with the new attending who's coming on today. We'll keep you informed as we know more.


Sounds like great news!! Don't forget to post new pictures of the wiggle worm when you get a chance. I imagine he has changed a lot!
Much love to all of you, (Aunt) Beth

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