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Matthew's still doing great... He's eating and pooping with the best of them. He's up to 32ml every three hours now, which is still slightly lower than the ideal (160ml/kg/day). The nurses have told us that once he was on full feeds, they could move above that point (he was at 180ml/kg/day the last time he was on full feeds), so we're hoping they'll be increasing his feeds soon.

The CPAP is really starting to give Matthew a little pig nose (you can see it in the first picture yesterday pretty clearly), so we're trying to get them to switch him to another type of CPAP called Mask CPAP that has a little mask that fits over his nose. Hopefully it will take some of the pressure off of his nose and allow it to return to its normal shape.

Now that Matthew's doing so well, we're going to reduce the website updates to every couple of days. If there is any important news, we'll get it on the site right away.


I'm so pleased with the great reports! We celebrate with you! Thanks so much for the web-site updates. They have been very helpful in making us feel closer to you all and Matthew since the distance is so great. But we're tickled that things are going so well that you can reduce the frequency. Please know you'll still be in our thoughts and prayers!


Karen V.

Jason & Jennifer:
Thanks for all of the info you have provided thus far. We're delighted about the miracles in Matthew's life and are praying that he continues to improve. We continue to pray for stegnth for you all as well.
We love you,

Thanks for all of the updates. It is like reading the paper every morning, reminding us to say our prayers and thank our heavenly father for all of the things in life that we just take advantage of. I do not know your family but this whole ordeal has brought me closer to my heavenly father and made me realize how much he really is in control if we just turn everything over to him.

Please keep updating the web site as he grows and maybe someday I will get to meet your wonderful family. Keep up the good work guys. You are in awesome hands.

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