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Okay, much to my surprise today, Matthew came off of CPAP around 1:00 or so and went on the nasal canula. Then he was doing so well that they took him off of it and just left him on room air. It was amazing he was doing so well too. He would occasionally drop his oxygen saturation and by about 8:00 pm they had to put him back on the nasal canula because he was starting to work pretty hard. He may end up back on CPAP later tonight, but it was really exciting to see how well he was doing without it.

They are going to be running a bunch of tests over the next couple of weeks to try and get some final answers to the problems he has had in the past and is still having. They want to know what the cause was or is and try to fix them before he goes home. Please pray that all the tests come back normal and that everything is just do to being premature and that there are no lasting side effects of being premature. Please also pray for his eye appointment on Thursday. Since his eyes got worse so quickly, they are concerned that they may be on their way to the other stages that can eventually lead to being blind. If his eyes are worse on Thursday, they could potentially perform laser surgery on his eyes that night. Please pray that his eyes are not getting worse and are actually getting better. (the doctor says this can happen)

We will keep you posted about the news.

P.S. I absolutely loved giving the little stinker his first bath. He kept sliding all over the place and I couldn't stop laughing but I finally got the hang of how to hold on to him and rub him down. :) I can't wait to do more!


Praise God! MIRACLE BABY! We will be praying for the test results to be negative. We will also be praying for his eye appointment.
It won't we too terribly long before you can take Matthew HOME!!!!! We love you, Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

Hallelujah!! I so enjoy REJOICING with you at Matthew's progress! We will continue prayer for favorable outcomes in all situations for Matthew and both of you!! We will be praying specifically for Matthew's eyes that he will improve enough to avoid the surgery, trusting in God that the Doctors will have wisdom in all decisions where your sweet boy is concerned.
Love you guys!


yay! i'm so excited for how well matthew's doing these days--he's ready to get home and meet the cats :).

i've gathered up a bunch of bottles and such for you--let me know when would be a good time for us to drop them off, or if there's someplace we can leave them (by your door or the garage) if you're not home.


Jenn and Jason,
What great news! Our prayers are continually with you. We will pray specifically for his eyes to have improved and that the tests show all problems were due to prematurity and are in the past. Our love to all three of you

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