Splish Splash...

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Stinky Boy got his first bath today. 9 weeks of stank finally got washed off of the little guy, and he smells great. The nurse showed Jenn how to hold and wash Matthew, then Jenn gave him the bath. He really enjoyed his bath too. He was very alert and relaxed the whole time. After his bath, he got some clean clothes and I got to hold him for an hour or so while he ate and slept.

He's continuing to grow. He got to help weigh him tonight, and he put on another 20g since thursday. He's now up to 1616g (3lb 9oz).



Those pictures are precious!!!!!! God, you are awesome!!!! We just want to continue praising you Lord for what you have done, and continue to do. We pray that Matthew will continue putting on weight and getting strength (infection free), and that you will give Jason and Jennifer strength and peace daily. Thank you.
How did it feel giving him his first bath? He looks so adorable in that blue outfit looking up at you, Jenn. We love you guys: Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

Jason & Jenn,
We love the pictures!!! It's amazing how far he's come since I left there 6 weeks ago. Praise God for his mercy and faithfulness! We continue to pray for all three of you as you wait for Matthew's homecoming, which won't be too much longer!
We love you all,
Mom & Curtis

Splish Splash I'm taking my first bath. All on this night with my mom. Oh this is so much fun.... sitting in all these suds. What a loving mom and dad I have. Can't wait to talk to them. Oh Matthew is just so precious and a cuty pie. Can't wait to see him.

Love you guys.
Anita Bates

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