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Matthew is three weeks old today. That seems like a short time when you think about it, but it seems like forever ago that this all started. We really appreciate all of the support and comments we're receiving. It's nice to know that so many people are following along with his progress.

Matthew is about the same today as the past day or two. His blood gases have been pretty stable other than when he's touched too much or when there is too much noise around him. The doctors have had to increase the pressure on the ventilators a bit because they couldn't get his pCO2 levels down. His O2 sat is great though on nearly room air (~25-30% O2). His belly is down a little more today, probably because he's still urinating quite well. They weighed him last night and he weighed 960g. They don't expect him to really be above his birth weight until he's around four weeks old, so this is probably still high due to fluid retention.

They were considering giving his some breast milk this morning, but they were unable to hear any bowel sounds (which would indicate his bowels are not ready to start processing food), so they've decided to hold off for a bit. They may try tomorrow morning, but it doesn't seem likely. The doctors are being extremely cautious with this because there is the risk that he can develop Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). This is a very serious condition, and the fact that he's had a belly infection already increases his odds that he will develop NEC.


Hello! We prayed for Matthew this morning in our Sunday School Class. I'm happy to hear the little guy is doing ok.

Larry in Starke, Florida

Just got back from vacation and checked in...glad to see things are going well. My thoughts are with you.

I know you're probably not going to go the the EAA show in Oshkosh, but tell me if you are. Mike Potopinski is having a hangar party, and has invited you if you're up there. I'll give you his contact info if you're headed that way.

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