Here we go again...

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Today was not a good day for Matthew. His respiratory status has been pretty unstable. He had to go back up on the pressures on both ventilators and they also had to increase the percentage of oxygen he's receiving. His oxygen saturation has been labile. One minute it is up high and the next minute it is down low. The chest x-ray showed that there has been an increase in the amount of fluid in his lungs. Fortunately, it is only in the lungs and there are no signs of fluid in the pleural spaces. As usual, he is not tolerating any noise or touch at all. In addition to the lung problems, he is starting to retain fluid again and he has a decreased urine output. He looks really puffy and they started giving him Lasix again which will help with the fluid retention. To top it all off, when they drew blood on him today they saw something a bit abnormal, so to be sure there's something wrong they are running more tests. They are not certain but the doctors think there could be a chance he might have a fungal infection now. Since he has been on antibiotics for 17 of the 22 days he's been in the hospital, there's a good chance he could have it. But the doctor last night didn't seem to think he would, but to be safe they are running tests. Unfortunately, it may take a few days for the test results to come back, so we wait...again.


We'll keep on praying! These updates are so wonderful for us - I hope they are therapeutic for you and give you a sense of connection to all of us that care so much for the 3 of you! With lots of love!

Don't lose heart--we've been here before, and may be again, but Matthew has demonstrated over and over his strong will to stay here with us! Wish we could be there to put our arms around both of you. Remember how many of us are praying on behalf of all three of you.
Read Philippians 4:6-7. ("Don't be anxious...")
We love you,
Mom & Curtis

Jason & Jenn,

I'm praying and checking the site daily. Thanks for all the updates. Matthew is such a fighter!! I pray that God would give you the peace and endurance you need.
God I ask that you heal and strengthen Matthew, this little one that you so love!!
In Jesus name,


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