Hooray, it was a good day!

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The little guy just never ceases to amaze me! Today was a good day for Matthew. They stopped giving him the Dopamine and Dobutamine so the only medication he is getting now is the Morphine and Ativan for pain control and sedation so he doesn't fight the ventilators. He is still getting the Nystatin for prevention of the thrush. He is still receiving nutrition through his IV, but they are hoping they will be able to start him on breastmilk sometime this weekend. The color in his belly was actually pink in some areas and the gray color has subsided dramatically, but it is still there. Unfortunately, his belly was still swollen, but he is still urinating so hopefully it will go down a lot more in the next few days. His settings remain the same on both ventilators, and his oxygen and carbon dioxide levels appear to be stable until he is moved, or touched or hears loud sounds. He seems to be extra sensitive to sounds, touch and movement today; but once he settles down, he seems to do pretty well.

Thank God for such a good day today! I feel like it has been awhile since we have had one, but I'll take every good day we get whenever we get one!! :)


Dear J & J,
We were so encouraged after Jason and Mom talked Friday evening. We continue to pray for you all. And the circle of praying people expands. Curtis had breakfast with two men who are in their 90s on Saturday morning. Think of all for whom they have prayed and they added Matthew to their list this morning.
Mom/Grandma and Grandpa Curtis

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