His First Feeding!

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Matthew had his first feeding today at around 6 p.m. They gave him 2cc of Jenn's breast milk, and he will receive 2cc every 6 hours as long as he responds well. Basically, at each feeding, they pull out the entire contents of his stomach through the feeding tube to see what's going on in there. As long as the contents aren't green or bloody, they push them back in and add 2 additional ml. They're on high alert for NEC, and if there are any signs that something is wrong, they'll stop the feedings.

They took Matthew off the Jet today for about 40 minutes, but he wasn't doing well on the regular ventilator so they had to put him back on the Jet. They also upped the breathing rate from 300 to 360 breaths per minute for about 4 hours and then dropped him back to 300. His pCO2 levels have stabilized, but now his O2 sat is jumping around. They haven't been as quick to change his O2 levels on the vent when he desats as he usually recovers pretty quickly on his own.

The Lasix appears to have worked. He's urinating much better and he looks quite a bit less puffy. The chest x-rays today showed a little less fluid in the lungs too. They haven't weighed him in a couple of days, so we don't know exactly how much excess fluid he's got right now.


Dear J&J,
We pray for you all at least 3 times per day aloud but "without ceasing" in our hearts.
We pray that today will bring digestion to Matthew and peace to you two. Blessings,
Mom and Curtis

That was such an awesome picture of Matthew (his color looks great), and the nurse giving him his first feeding. We praise God every day for what he is doing in Matthews body and in your lives. This has all been such an amazing testimony for us, and for people we share with. I am having my small womens bible study continuously pray for little Matthew.
We really wish that we could be right there beside you (we really are, but just not in body).We love you so much, Seth and Dawn

I am so glad you all are keeping this record of Matthew Clay's first days! I trust that someday when he is old, you will be able to show him the archives of all who were praying for him and that it will touch him as his little life has touched us all!

Thanks also for providing the link about NEC. That helps with understanding and I hope that website has helped you all with questions only other parents of premies can answer.

Love, Mindy

Hi Jennifer, Jason and Matthew,

We celebrate this milestone with you!!! Thanks for sharing. We continue to keep you all in our prayers and hearts.



Hi Jenn and Jason
Thomas and I are praying for you and little MAtthew every night. WE are praying that God will supernaturally intervene in your lives and in your little angel. He is looking better and better as we view his photos. Thank you for including your friends in on Matthew's progress. Thomas and I would love to come and see you whenever you would like us to come. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers.
We send many happy thoughts your way
We Love You
Thomas and Lisa Shaull

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