Definite Improvement

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Matthew definitely looks better today. They gave him Dopamine last night to increase his blood pressure, and it's made a noticeable improvement. The increased blood pressure helped reduce the discoloration around his eyes and belly, as well as helped reduce his fluid retention so he doesn't look as puffy as he did yesterday.

He's also much more active again today. This is probably largely due to his infection subsiding; but whatever the reason, it's good to see him so active again. He's moving his arms and legs quite a bit, and he even opened his eyes a couple of times.


Dear Jenn & Jason:

What an answer to prayer. We will still be praying that Matthew is stable enough for his surgery on Tuesday.

Let me know when they say he can start wearing clothes. Those premie sizes I thought you'd never have use for will be waiting.

We love you guys! We'll stay in touch.

Karen, Roger & Leo

Praise the Lord! His improved color is evident in the picture. I'm praying for the surgeon's hands- and for you as you wait. I've been in God's waiting room. Blessings.


I just heard about Matthew at the family reunion (Seth told me). What a trying time for you and your wife. Please hang in there and know that we are all thinking about you. I can't wait to see the 3 of you at the next reunion, if not before!

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