Preparing for Surgury

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The PDA surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. While it's scary to know your child is going into surgery, I'm relieved that it's finally happening. Once his PDA is closed, a lot of things should start to improve. His blood oxygenation should improve significantly, which will allow them to start feeding him breast milk. Once he starts feeding, he should gain weight much more rapidly. Once he starts gaining weight, he should have the muscular ability to breathe on his own. Once he's breathing on his own, his lungs and throat should improve since they won't have the ever-present irritation of the intubation tube. Once his lungs and throat improve, he'll be able to cry. Once he's crying, he can start talking. Once he starts talking, he can go to school. Once he goes to school, he can get into college. Once he graduates from college, he can go to medical school. Once he graduates from medical school, he can earn enough money to pay us back for all this...:-)

Matthew is looking about the same as yesterday which is good. His white blood cell count is a little high still, so they're going to keep him on antibiotics through the surgery. That's probably a good thing anyway since it can lessen the likelyhood that he'll develop an infection from the surgery. The surgury is scheduled for the late afternoon, so we probably won't have an update on the site until late tomorrow night.


"And once he is talking he can say GrandPa."
I'm sure he is on many prayer list but Nicholasville Methodists will be praying.

Hi Jenn, Jason and Matthew,

You have been but will be even more so in our thoughts and prayers today. We look forward to an excellent report!

We love you all!

Karen and Neal

Hi Jenn, Jason,
You don't know me, but im in Jennifer Callow's bible study group in San Diego. She called us to our knees to pray for you and Matthew. Know that me and my wife are supporting you from afar. Our God is good and will listen to our prayers and answer them.
Jos 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
Bless you guys.

Dear Jason, Jennifer, and Matthew:

I've been following your reports daily (either via the internet or Dad) but just learned today that I can respond to you here. Ricardo and I are praying continually for all of you (as are members of our church, relatives, and many co-workers). As Matthew's surgery draws near, we arre asking God to grant you his peace.
We love you!

Hi Jennifer, Jason and Matthew,

I don't know you but Jennifer Callow has forwarded your information to me as I have forwarded to others. We are also expecting our first child here soon (Sept. 2nd). We just pray for little Matthew that everything will be okay with him. My parents had a tough time with my older sister after she was born. But now she is 27, married and has two kids of her own. God works in the most miraculous ways. :0) My mom sends her prayers and so do many other friends and family members of mine. We'll be thinking of all of you.

Amy Berner


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