Coming off the Oxygen (good timing)

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Sorry it's been so long since we posted (he keeps us surprisingly busy). After his last pulmonary appointment about a month ago, the doctor told us we should start taking him off the oxygen for 20-30 minutes at a time while monitoring his O2 sats. We're supposed to put him back on if he start dipping below 95%. Jenn promptly took him off for 1.5 hours (Jenn never did like following directions :-) ). He did great though, so we've been taking him off more and more each day. We always have him on oxygen at night, and still generally put him back on when he's eating or napping. The longest he's been off straight was 7 hours, and that included 2 feedings and a 2 hour nap.

Matthew's also figured out crawling. He just sort of got it all of the sudden. One day you could put him on the floor and know he'd be there when you got back, the next he could scoot all over the place. It was great timing on the oxygen since he tends to get caught up in the hose when he tries to crawl with it on. He's also getting great at shuffling along the edge of the couches while standing. I guess we can't put off baby-proofing the house any longer.

We've been big slackers about getting new pictures up on the site. We'll get some up soon though, I promise.

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