NICU Reunion

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We went to the Valley Medical Center NICU Reunion today. It was great to see a number of the babies that were in the NICU with us as well as see all of the doctors and nurses who took such great care of Matthew. Everybody loved seeing Matthew as well.


With matthew's first birthday just weeks away, I thought that I would write to you for the first time. I have been visiting his web site all the time and have prayed for him every day. I got your name from Linda at NAOMI when Matthew was first born. You have such a special little boy there. I am so happy to see him in pictures now. I just looked back at him right after he was born. He has had a long journey, but look at him now. God bless you all. You will always be in my prayers. Matthew is lucky to have two very loving parents that were there every step of the way. Thank you also for sharing your sons life with all of us. That was so nice of you to take the time to keep us up on what was going on. Love and Prayers to you all. Lori

He's precious!!! Wow, how he has grown!!! You're all looking good. Take care. Love, Karen

I ran across your website because I was curious about nystagmus. I'm very glad he is doing great and that the nystagmus is under control. My fiance has nystagmus, and was born with it. Many of the doctors in this area know of nothing that can fix it at his age (21). We go to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee and they have mentioned surgeries, but they only last 2 years at the most, and the disease returns. We are not really sure what to do because he cannot drive from his lack of vision. It is a strain, but we live with it. I give Matthew my prayers, and hope he lives a happy, normal life. I pray he does not develop permanent nystagmus, and he has no more complications.

Hi. My name is samantha and I just came across your site while looking up preemies. And I'm glad to hear your little one is doing good. I just had a preemie myself at 24 wks on June 9. Sounds like your wife and i have something in common. Well take care and congrats on your sons health.

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