Thank Goodness For Insurance

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We got one of the first insurance statements today for Matthew's stay in the hospital. For 7/6 through 7/20 (2 weeks), Matthew's bill was just shy of $250,000. The cost of his care will certainly go down during his stay (as the required amount of care, medication, surgery, etc. go down), but it's almost certainly going to top $1MM.

Matthew's still doing about the same. His blood tests indicated elevated CRP levels, so they are continuing the antibiotics. He's lost a bit of weight now that he's back on IV nutrition; he's down to 1304g (2lb 13.5oz). He's had fewer bradycardia episodes today, and his oxygen requirements have been lower. They may try to start his feedings back up later in the week (even while he's on antibiotics) if he continues to look stable.


Dear Jennifer and Jason,
We join Dawn and Seth in the beautiful e-prayer of yesterday. We were touched at church the other night when Beth reported about the lady in Brazil that covered the team members' families in prayer- and Beth specified little Matthew as one of those covered.
God does not manipulate as as puppets. As Christians we have the ups and downs of life. But prayer changes things, in God's time and in His way. We are so aware of God's hand as we look back. Your Mom and I met a lady Sunday that had prayed for us before we were married in one of Dawn's groups without even knowing us. We were warmed by the excitement in her countenance when she realized that we were the people she had prayed for almost two years ago!
Curtis and Mom (over the shoulder)

Jason and Jennifer,
I know these small setbacks are hard but Matthew has made such amazing progress so far. I continue to pray specifically that he does not develop NEC and that he will be back on his feedings soon. He obviously thrives on them. I know the Lord is with Matthew daily watching over him. Steve and I continue to pray for all three of you and hold you close in our hearts.
Love, Steve and LInda

Can you say OUCH! Thank God for insurance. That is like booku bucks. I was so enthusiatic about the good things that were happening lately. I know the setbacks can be disappointing. :-( Knowing that it is all in Gods hands makes it a little easier. We always rely on prayer and hope that Gods Will, will continue to bless and help this boy persevere through his health struggle. And that God helps the parents and other prayer warriors become closer to God in the process. I just want to say that I love you guys and anything you need just let me know.
Love Anita

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