Still Waiting

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Matthew's doing about the same today. He's still up and down on his oxygen, and he's still having apneic episodes. They've upped the breathing rate on the ventilator to 20 breaths per minute to help him stay oxygenated. His feedings are still on hold until they know what's going on with his digestive system. They sent off blood for some labwork and have started him on antibiotics again. If the labwork comes back negative for an infection, they'll stop the antibiotics; but if it comes back positive, they'll have a jump on treating it.


Your mom shared these recent details with us last night. We all wish we could do something tangible for you - but there is nothing more powerful than prayer. So we continue to pray for Matthew, and for both of you.
We love you, Beth & Ricardo

Lord, we just pray that you will take control of this sitution with Matthew's intestinal problem. We pray specifically that there will be absolutely no infection and that very soon Matthew will be able to accept his feedings again. We pray that you will give those doctors who are handling Matthew's care wisdom and insight regarding Matthew's signs and symtoms, as well as his test results. We praise you that you are already working things out for his good. We pray also that you will give Jason and Jennifer peace; help them to feel your love and strength. We love you so much, Lord, and its in your name that we pray. Amen. We love you guys: Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

My family's and my thoughts are with you.

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