Still on CPAP

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Matthew is still on CPAP today. He's been on 32 hours as of this writing, well on his way to the 48 hour mark that the doctors were hoping for. He's doing so great on it that it's almost a certainty that he'll be staying on it for a while. When I stopped by earlier today, he had been on room air (21% O2) for most of the day.

Jenn got to do skin to skin this afternoon for about 45 minutes. Matthew did extremely well. He was on approximately 25% O2 while she was holding him and his heart rate, respiration rate, O2 sat, and pCO2 were all basically perfect.


He looks absolutely wonderful! His nails are even growing. Again, I want to say PRAISE GOD!
This journel is priceless!
Keep us posted. WE LOVE YOU! Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

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