Past the 48 Hour Mark

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Matthew made it past the 48 hour mark today (60 hours as of this entry), and is doing great. He's on room air most of the time, and hasn't had any significant desats. I got to hold him tonight for about half an hour, and he just loved it. He was so zonked out that he didn't even wake up when I put him back in his bed.

Matthew continues to gain weight. He was up to 1520g (3lb 5oz). They also increased his feeds to 6ml every 3 hours, and the plan is to increase it 1ml every 12 hours. His primary night nurse Madhu thinks this is a little conservative though, so she's going to ask the doctors if his feeds can be increased more rapidly.

Matthew was moved out of the isolet today and into a rocker bed. This bed slides forward and backward while rocking from side to side. It also makes noises that are designed to simulate the sounds that a baby would hear if it were in the womb.


Paise God! We want to thank you God for sending your healing angels down to protect this young boy of yours. You are the mistery to healing, physically and emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you for watching over Jason and Jenn and the doctors for allowing good decision to help this process along. You are all powerful and beautiful. Thank you for pooring out your love to our family. Little Matthew, continue to heal and grow so that your parents can bring you home and show you the love of God. Amen. I love you guys. May God continue to bless you.
Anita B

PRAISE GOD! This is great news for Matthew! I've never seen a bed like that in our NICU at Central Baptist Hospital. Matthew sure is a fighter. We just pray that God will continue to give Matthew strength, and that God will give you all peace. Love, Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

We've been out of town and had company so I hadn't checked progress for about a week. What a pleasant surprise! I'm so happy to hear the good reports. Wonderful!!!!



WOW!!!! What a true "David"....Matthew is certainly meeting every challenge set before him!!! May God be continually praised for Matthew great progress! We are blessed to know each and every new step in his journey, and are ever praying for you all. :-)

Much Love-

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