Back in the bubble...


Today Matthew went back into the isolette because he is not maintaining his body temperature so well. I was surprised to see that he was in an open crib anyway because at one point they said that they usually don't take babies out of the isolette until they are about 1900 grams (a little over 4 pounds). Since he is only 3 pounds 7 ounces, that would explain why he is not maintaining his body temperature so well, but they at least gave it a whirl to see if he could. Personally, I am glad to see him back in the isolette because they are really busy again and just had several new babies that came into the room which are pretty loud... so being in the isolette will help him sleep better (less noise) and of course sleep is what he needs in order to grow.

They have taken him off the IV nutrition and fat supplement all together, but they are still giving him his medications intravenously. They hope to give him his meds by the mouth again once he is back up to full feeds completely and tolerating it pretty well.

He is still on CPAP!! Yeah!!! We are pretty excited about that and not to mention he has only needed about 22 - 23% oxygen. Woo hoo!!! :)

Please continue to pray for Matthew's progress to go up and up from here on out. Please pray that he tolerates all the feeds and that he never gets the NEC infection. Please pray that he doesn't get any more infections. Please also pray for us for strength. I am not feeling well these days and I am getting burned out on being at the hospital every day...not that I don't want to see my sweetie, I am just getting tired.

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