Another eye exam...

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The little guy had another eye exam today, which always wears him out so much. It is hard to see him like that. The test results weren't available when I was there, but I hope to hear something tonight or tomorrow.

He is now on complete feedings for him (30 ml's every 3 hours) and so far he seems to be doing well. Although they just put him on full feeds this afternoon. He is also pooping a lot without the help of suppositories or enemas, which is a good sign.

His direct bilirubin levels did go back up again. This seems to be the thing that happens whenever he is on the IV nutrition. So they are giving him a new medication in the breastmilk that helps bind up the direct bilirubin and then he excretes it in his stool.

They are thinking about running more tests on him to determine the cause of the abnormality that he had in the brain. I can't remember if we told you that it turned out to be a blood clot in a very unusual place in the brain. So, I 've been tested for the blood clot disorder and we are still waiting to hear the results of them. Personally, I am really sick of hearing about more tests being done on him and don't want to know about any more tests being performed unless something is completely wrong.

I have been working on Matthew's room lately and am getting really excited about him coming home some day!! I will sit in his room and daydream about holding him, feeding him, playing with him, teaching him, etc. It's nice to know that this is more of a reality now!! :)


Lord, we just thank you again and again for taking care of Matthew. We pray that you will continue to make him stronger and stronger so that he can go home when it is time. We pray also that you will give Jason and Jennifer the needed strength to continue getting through this. We pray that all of this is drawing them closer and closer to you and to each other. We also pray that you are glorified through this.
In Jesus name we pray, Amen. We love you guys, Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

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