We got to hold him!!!

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I have been shedding many tears these past few weeks and I must admit that it has been a long time since I have cried tears of joy. But tonight was one of them!! After I pumped and came back into Matthew's room, I noticed Jason had a very cute boyish grin on his face like he was up to something...little did I know, he was about to hold Matthew. The night nurse felt that Matthew was stable enough to be held for a very brief period of time, so she allowed us to hold him. Jason held him first and I got to feed him through the tube while Jason was holding him. Matthew squirmed at first but quickly settled down. He managed to open his eyes to look at daddy several times. It was so cute to see father and son bonding together. Then I finally got to hold Matthew and because I was so excited I could only cry wonderful tears of joy! :) Matthew settled right in and fell asleep. His oxygen saturation even got so high that we had to turn down the amount of oxygen we were giving him.

You could tell that he really liked to be held and that he enjoyed being wrapped up tightly like a burrito because once we had to put him back in his bed and unwrap him to adjust all the wires and leads, he started to get very agitated and began to cry.

I am so thankful that we got the opportunity to hold him tonight. It was a joyous ending to an anxiety filled day.

Please keep praying for the abnormality to go away, and the liver to start functioning properly so that the direct bilirubin levels will come back down. Of course, continue to pray that he never develops the NEC infection and that he continues to tolerate the feedings.

Thank you all for your comments and prayers. Matthew really needs a miracle!



Yay! I'm so excited that you were able to finally hold Matthew--sounds like everybody enjoyed it (BIG understatement, eh?)!

Hey there! I cried just reading how overjoyed you were to hold him. Wow! May God continue to shower down blessings each and every day. HUGS, Caroline

I am Samintha Beaver Craig's daughter, and I have been keeping up with precious little Matthew Clay.
We keep him in our prayers and pray for God to give both of you the patience, strength, and love to see you through this traumatic time in your lives. I have never met either of you, but Dennis is my first cousin - I enjoyed meeting Seth at the last Beaver Reunion, and am looking forward to someday soon meeting you and that precious little angel of yours. Our thoughts, our love and our prayers are with you.

Praise God again! There is absolutely nothing like being able to hold your child. We are so happy that Matthew is progressing so well. God has continuously been performing a miracle daily in little Matthew. Everyone at the hospital that I share with about Matthews progress are so amazed! GOD IS SO GOOD! Love, Seth and Dawn

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