And the Feedings Increase...

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Overnight, they increased Matthew's feedings to 7 ml every 4 hours. This morning, they increased them again to 6 ml every 3 hours. During the last couple of feedings, they've found a small amount of residual food from the previous feeding (0.5 ml or so), so they've probably found the right level for him for now. He also grew a little from yesterday to 1020 grams (approximately 2 lbs 4 ounces) Reminder... he was born at 1 pound 11 oz. We haven't been down to see him today, but the nurse said he's still pretty stable. We're looking forward to holding him again tonight.


Praise God for the gifts He has given to you! I can't imagine your thrill at holding Matthew close for the first time! We are praying for that miracle! I don't recall my metric conversion lessons very well - exactly how much is 1020 grams in pounds and ounces :)?

Love to you all!

We are back to web access and the first thing we did is checked to see what was written (thought your Mom had already called). Beth and Ricardo and mission team are praying for Matthew in Brazil. She requested updated information on Matthew. The digestive system has responded to prayer--now we will focus on the liver and brain.

Hey you guys!

We are so glad for the wonderful progress! It must have felt so good to hold your precious bundle of joy. From 1lb11oz to 1020grams...Wow, he's 33% bigger than he was at birth. If I grew at that rate I'd be the size an elephant after a week and a half.


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