Still Stable...


Matthew is still doing pretty well today. They did have to go up a tiny bit on his pressures on the ventilator today because he couldn't keep his CO2 levels down. This was to be expected...but the doctor did say that all the breaths he is taking on the ventilator are his own and they are only providing enough pressure to keep his lungs open.

So far he has tolerated all the feedings in the last 24 hours, so they have increased the amount of breastmilk they are feeding him from 2ml to 4ml every four hours. If he does well, they will continue to go up on his feedings.

The only concerning thing that occurred today was the results of the brain scan. The doctors saw something a bit abnormal today and they aren't sure if it's a bad thing or not. They are going to go over the previous brain scans and this current one with a fine tooth comb and will give us the official results in a day or two.

Please pray for the following things: 1) That the abnormality they are seeing is nothing and that the bleed is on its way to going away completely. 2) That he never gets the NEC infection and that the feedings continue to go well. 3) For his lungs to get stronger everyday and to not collapse. 4) That the bilirubin levels gets back to normal and that his liver starts to function properly (the big liver test is tomorrow).

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