Still Doing Well


When we saw Matthew today, Jason got to hold him for a while and he was tolerating it really well. He is currently on the lowest settings on the ventilator and is on room air (21% oxygen) most of the time.

His feedings continue to be 6 ml every 3 hours and he is still having a tiny bit of residuals, so they have not increased the feedings yet. He did manage to have a bowel movement without the help of a suppository, so that is a good thing.

The only new news is that he has had a lot more thick secretions from his lungs again. They even had to take out his old endotracheal tube and put in a new one because his older one was so clogged that he kept dropping his oxygen saturation levels. Since they have put in his new ET tube he is doing much better. Unfortunately, they took some samples of the secretions and it looks like he may have an infection in his lungs, so they started him on antibiotics again today.

Please pray for the infection in his lungs to go away completely and that he starts producing the right amount and consistency of his secretions.
Continue to pray for the abnormality in his brain to go away completely and that he does not have CF. Also continue to pray that all the other lab tests come back normal and that his liver starts functioning properly in order to get the direct bilirubin levels back down within normal limits.

Thank you again to everyone we know and don't know for all your prayers, support and comments!

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