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Matthew is definitely looking bigger these days. He's up to 1116 gm (2 lbs 7 ozs) as of last night; but he hasn't stooled in over 30 hours, so part of it may be from the excess fluid. They've increased his feeding level to 9 ml every 3 hours, and so far he's had little residual.

He's on the lowest possible ventilator settings, and he's been or room air basically all day, so his lungs are clearly doing very well. He doesn't desat like he used to when you talk to him or when you touch him. They're talking about putting him on CPAP again in the next day or two, and since he's so much larger than the last time they tried it, I expect him to do much better this time.


Sounds like things are really looking up. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Karen

It's so great to hear positive news about Matthew. We have shared Matthews story with our sunday school class, and with my small womens bible study group. They have all been encouraged by the way God is working in all of your lives. I know that this is such a powerful testimony of your faith and Gods intervention daily. Keep us posted. Love, Seth and Dawn

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