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It was encouraging to know that Matthew had a much better day today than the last couple of days. He is far from being where he needs to be but it was good to see him looking a bit healthier. Matthew is responding well to the second blood transfusion that he received. His color is very pink today compared to the ash-like color he was before. His belly is still black/blue in color and it does not seem any bigger today. In fact it actually looks like it has decreased a tiny bit. The edema is no longer moving up into the chest cavity and you are able to see his rib cage again. He is urinating a lot, which means the Lasix medication is working and he is not retaining as much fluid as before. He is moving around more today and they even have him on an IV drip of medication to keep him slightly sedated so he doesn't fight the ventilator. His pressure on the ventilator is the same as yesterday and unfortunately his oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are still very unstable. The chest x-rays today are also showing that he may be developing chronic lung disease. He is still on antibiotics and will be until Monday. They are tentatively looking at this Tuesday coming up to perform the surgery to close the PDA, providing he is stable enough.

Please pray that he is so stable on Monday that they feel very comfortable performing the surgery. Please pray for healing in his lungs as well as the infection he is fighting and also for the bleed in the brain to not increase. Keep praying for healing of all the unknown health problems that may come up down the road. The nurse who was mentioned before is temporarily not working with Matthew but she wants to meet with us on Friday to try and work some things out. Please pray that all goes smoothly and that God gives us the right words to say to her and that the situation gets resolved peacefully.

The test results with regards to testing the placenta and the amniotic sac have also come back and everything looks normal, so it appears that we may never know why this happened. My blood work came back normal too except that my white blood cell count was high. I don't know if there is any significance to that or not but I hope to find out more from my doctor later.

Thank you again for all your prayers, support and comments!!


Jason, Jenn and Matthew


Dear Jennifer and Jason:
I am so very sorry for the situation you are going through with your beautiful baby boy. I've been reading your updates daily. Our hearts go out to you. Olin and I are praying for you all and know the Lord is watching over you and baby Matthew. Your faith in God has been inspiring. Please know that we are thinking and praying for you always and tell baby Matthew he has a great uncle and aunt that love him very much! Love, Sue

Praise God that Matthew has shown some improvements! I will continue to pray for all his conditions and for you both, Jason and Jen. Take good care of yourselves. HUGS! Love, Caroline

Jason and Jennifer, Just wanted to let you know that we are keeping up with you daily. We will continue to pray for your family and especially for Matthew. Hope to see you guys sometime soon! Micah and Tiffany

Thank you for keeping us updated. It helps us know how to pray. We love you guys!

Karen, Roger & Leo

Jenn, Jason, and Matthew,
Praise God for the uplifting news! We continue to pray for Matthew's condition to improve, and for you and Jason to receive comfort during this difficult time. Know that we are praying for you all during the day and night.We love you guys!
Jim and Joelle

Jason and Jenn,
We continue to lift you and sweet Matthew up in prayer! We pray he will strengthen daily and be able to undergo surgery on Monday. May God's peace cover you as you continue through this situation - we pray your conversation with the nurse goes smoothly today. What a gift to be able to see these updates and pray for you all daily...much love to all of you!
Tammy and Jim

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