Better and Worse

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When we visited this afternoon, Matthew was looking much better (better than he's looked in a long time). His color has improved dramatically and he's becoming a bit more active, but not quite like he used to be. It appears the antibiotics are taking effect.

When we visited late in the evening, his blood gas numbers were all out of range and moving rapidly. One of the respiration therapists came and suctioned out his mouth and throat. The doctors also ordered another chest x-ray to determine the position of the breathing tube as well as examine the state of his lungs. The x-ray confirmed that the breathing tube was in the right position, but his lungs are still quite immature.


We continually think of and pray for you! Sure wish we could be there physically but are thankful for the blessing of prayer that links us and allows us a part in what you are going through! Please blow a kiss to Matthew from his aunt, uncle and cousins. Love to you all, Anita

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