Slow Progress

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Matthew looked about the same today, but the nurses said he looked better to them. They did have to put him back on the Jet, but they've come down a bit on the breathing rate (though they did have to go up a bit on the pressure). He's still extremely sensitive to sound and touch; you can really see how it affects him when he's touched too much or when people are talking too loudly.

The doctors and nurses are still confident that he'll be well enough for the PDA surgery on tuesday. We've been told several times that once the PDA valve has been closed, we should see much more dramatic improvement.

We didn't go down last night to meet with the night nurse because Jenn wasn't emotionally ready to deal with her. Jenn's much more relaxed though, knowing she isn't taking care of Matthew.


Dear J&J,
My comments didn't make it yesterday but I'll try again. Yesterday I told you we prayed for you all at Gideon prayer breakfast. At my church we still pray for people by name. Matthew will be prayed for publicly again today as he has been since he was 1 day old.
You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I know about the emotional roller coaster-- Give thanks for the exillerating highs.

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