More poopy diapers!

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Matthew had his second gastrograffin enema today and boy did he unload! For all you men out there, you'd be proud that he had projectile poops-literally! He unloaded on the nurse, his bedding, the isolette and me before we could get another diaper on him (welcome to parenthood, huh?). This is a really good sign that they may have done the trick with this second enema. They will do another x-ray in the morning to make sure all is well and they will continue to watch him. If he is able to keep moving things through his intestines, then they are probably going to start feeding him breastmilk again in the next day or so.

His respiratory status improved a lot today. Since he doesn't have a lot of stuff pushing up on his diaphram, it was easier for him to breathe today. He was mostly on room air (approx. 21% oxygen) and his carbon dioxide levels were really stable. His oxygen saturation was still going up and down. It mainly went down when he moved or when it looked like he was straining to poop. They even went down a bit more on his settings on the ventilator today. They think they may put him back on CPAP by next week. But they are going to make sure that he is feeding well first before they do that because the CPAP will blow air into his stomach and they want to make sure that with the stomach distention it is just from CPAP and nothing related to digestive problems.

Once again, we felt very peaceful today, PRAISE GOD!!! To top the day off, we both got to hold him again. We didn't hold him for long because he had been through a lot today, but every chance we get to hold him, we're all over that!!

There are a lot of test results still pending, so we will keep you posted if we find out anything new.

Prayer requests:
Continue to pray that he does not have CF, which is the desire of our hearts, but we will accept God's will no matter what the outcome is because ultimately He is in control.
Pray that he continues to move things along in his digestive tract without complications.
Continue to pray for his lungs to get strong enough to be put on CPAP, and that he produces the right amount and type of secretions.
Pray for continued peace for us in the midst of this storm.
Praise God for bringing us closer to Him, to each other and to our families through this.
Praise God for Matthew's improvements!


PRAISE GOD for the peace which passes all understanding that comes through loud and clear on your report! Wow - what a rollercoaster ride this is for you. Continuing to pray and love you much!
Anita and bunch

All we can say is what an awesome God we serve!!!
There is absolutely nothing he can't do, and that is so comforting-we don't have to worry about a thing because everything, absolutely everything is in his hands. We love you guys.
Seth and Dawn

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