Feeding Again

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They started feeding him again today!!! They started at 3 ml every 3 hrs, and so far there's only been a small amount of residual at each feeding. As long as there is little to no residual (and as long as he keeps pooping), they're going to increase his feedings 3 ml per feeding each day until he reaches 21 ml every 3 hrs (6 ml per feeding on saturday, 9 on sunday, etc.).

Everything else is basically the same. He's still fairly stable; only requiring 21-25% O2 most of the time. We didn't get to hold him tonight because he had a temporary nurse. So far, every time we've held him it's been with the same nurse. She's not on this weekend, so we may not get to hold him again until early next week.

Matthew is also still gaining weight. He's up to 1090 g (2 lb 5 oz).


PRAISE GOD AGAIN!!! He is so faithful. It is so great to hear positive news about Matthew. I'm sure this is such a huge relief for you both. We really hope to get to see all of you sometime before this year ends-God willing.
Lots of Love, Seth and Dawn

Jason, thanks for the metric conversion! : ) Praise God for good reports!
Lots of love,

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