Surgery be being Successful

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Matthew's surgery went very well. The doctor was very pleased with what he saw and is optimistic about the outlook for the eye. He said the retina looked flat and that what he thought was a hole actually turned out to be a hole, but it appeared to have resolved on its own by "an intervention other than himself". He had previously said that a hole was devastating and would eventually grow to cover virutually the entire back of his eye. It is virtually unheard of that a hole would repair itself. The doctor removed the lens and the buckle from his right eye during the roughly two hour surgery. Removing the buckle caused some increased tension in his eye. This additional tension could cause the retina to pull away from the back of the eye, so he's going to keep a close watch on it. Removing the lens allows matthew to have an unobstructed view now (since the lens had a cataract in it), but it also means he can't focus that eye. We'll be visiting an optometrist with him pretty soon where we'll likely be given a prescription for contacts. It's hard enough getting eye drops in his eyes, I can't imagine how hard it will be to get a contact in there.

If everything goes well, Matthew will have to wear a contact for a while, but will have a synthetic lens put in sometime in the next few years.


I love the laughing photo. Thanks for sharing. Matthew is beautiful!



Oh, my! Your report was so uplifting - I'm trying to share it with the many, many people that have joined us in praying for Matthew! I praise God for touching that eye and doing the "impossible". We are putting that adorable picture on our desktop so that we can look at Matthew often. Can't wait until we can meet face to face!
Love to you all!
The Beyer bunch

Praise the Lord!
I was tearing when i read through this. It brings back old memories of my twins..
I was searching information on tube feeding n came across this page. My twins were born prematurely too, at 30weeks gestation. one weigh 1100g the the other 680g. The younger twin faces lots of problem like little matthew and i cannot forget those stormy days he had at the NICU. (CLD, operated on the intestine, bleed in the brain, liver prob, low platlettes, undecsended testies, etc..) Thank God he is home with us too (after 7 1/2 mths stay) But he is still on the feeding tube.. May i ask what is a haberman feeding bottle?

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