Getting Settled In

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We're finally getting settled in and into a routine. As Jenn said, Matthew's on nine medications which vary in dosage and frequency throughout the day. We got eight trays and a large supply of syringes so that I can prepare 24 hours worth of medications and feeds at one time. We also got a refrigerator for Matthew's room so that we don't have to go downstairs in the middle of the night to get his food or medication. Until Matthew gets his days and nights straight, I'm taking care of the evening feeds through midnight and Jenn's taking the night shift so that I can sleep before work. I'm certainly not getting full nights sleep, but I'm not getting anywhere near as little sleep as Jenn is. Jenn got a total of five hours of sleep during the first two nights Matthew was home.

Matthew's getting more comfortable now too. He's getting used to the sights and sounds of our house and is definitely less fussy now than when we first got him home; I think he's finally realized that we're not going to be poking and proding him every time we pick him up.


Yippee!!! That's so wonderful! Happy anniversary. What a great gift!!!


We announced the "homecoming" at praise time in church yesterday. The Lord got a hand! Remember when you were so excited about hearing his little voice? We pray things will settle down soon. We are so blessed with our children and grandchildren that it is now hard to remember the sleepless nights. We pray that the Lord will give you peace and Matthew will catch it.

What a celebration!!! The pictures from his homecoming are precious! And a belated happy anniversary! We are so very, very happy for you all and look forward to meeting Matthew!


Karen & Neal

We are delighted to see and hear how well Matthew is doing! God is so faithful! Can't wait to meet him!
Beth & Ricardo

You don't know me. My name is Laurie. My Aunt Debbie is married to Jason's father Dennis. I have been following little Matthew's progress via your website and keeping lots of positive thoughts for all of you. I am so incredibly happy for you. When I was pregnant with my son Sam we had some complications and many people I knew, and even more that I didn't know, kept us in their thoughts and prayers. I know it made a difference for us and I hope it does for you.

As a side note, my husband's neice was born under 2 pounds back in 1988. No one knew what lay ahead in her future. They had their ups and downs, came home with a monitor, oxygen and lots of medications and hoped for the best. I am happy to tell you she is now a very wonderful 15 year old young lady with her driver's permit, preparing to get her license all too soon! I look at her and think back to that little, tiny, fuzzy baby that fit in the palm of your hand, and realize how blessed we are to celebrate the miracle that is Kara!

Good luck and continued good wishes for your future with that little miracle baby of yours.


Praise God for his faithfulness to your prayers. I have been following for a while (many times reading through tears) and can only imagine what the three of you have been through. Matthew will (and is) such a testimony to God's goodness and awesome abilities.

It is so wonderful to see you now working through the standard new-parent issues of lost sleep at home rather than upcoming surgeries, etc.

If there is ANYTHING needed (like a meal now and again), please feel totally free to give us a call (or drop an email of "Help")

May God continue to Bless your little family and watch over you.

In his Name,

Todd (and Jodi and Sam)

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