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Matthew's been doing really well the last few days. He's tolerating his feeds really well and is up to 11 ml every 3 hours. Jenn even got to breastfeed him for a little bit. He didn't know quite what to do when he was first put to the breast, so the lactation consultant suggested using a breast shield (basically a silicone nipple cover that gives Matthew the same mouth feel as the pacifiers he's been sucking on). Once Jenn tried that, Matthew suckled for several minutes before getting tired. It's hard to say how much he got during that time, but he definitely got some and he seemed to like it.

If Matthew continues to tolerate his feedings and is able to make it to full feeds (currently 49 ml every 3 hours) and be there for a couple of days with no complications, he could be ready to come home. They're still trying to get the surgery scheduled on his right eye, but he doesn't necessarily have to stay in the hospital until that can happen (he could come back just for the surgery and would only have to stay 24 hours post surgery for recovery).


This is wonderful news! Praise God! Jenn, I can only imagine how it felt to breast feed Matthew and the closeness you felt! We are praying for you all every day! Love, Jim, Joelle and Jackson

Praise the Lord! We just review the pictoral history of Matthew's short life with Beth and Ricardo and we are amazed at the battles he has been through. No doubt about Him being cradled
in the arms of God and the loving arms of faithful parents.

We are so excited for all of you! He is truly a miracle baby! I can't wait to hear the news of his homecoming!

Beth's friend again! Just wanted say what a blessing and answered prayer to hear the feeds are going well. I am so glad he is able to tolerate nursing. My premie had to use a shield as well. Jenn just remember when he is home and feeding well to ween him from the shield or he will become use to it and not want to nurse without it. Our lactation nurse forgot to tell us that info and we struggled a bit but in a few days were able to feed without it. I am so glad going home is in sight. Your example of steadfast faith has been a blessing to me.


Wonderful!!! This is great news! We're excited for you all.



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