On Full Feeds!!!

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Matthew's on full feeds now (49 ml every 3 hours), and so far he's tolerating it well. They've been giving him additional fluid (dextrose) via his broviac, but he pulled it out today, so they've stopped the additional fluid. They don't seem too concerned that it's out. They were planning on feeding him through it during the surgery on wednesday, but they'll just use a peripheral line instead.

He's starting to get the hang of bottle feeding. He took about 6 ml from the bottle around noon today. He gets tired pretty quickly, but as he gets more coordinated it should be easier for him.

He's actually down a little bit on weight from a couple of days ago. If he doesn't start gaining weight regularly pretty soon, the doctors are going to want to start adding fortifiers to the breastmilk.



What a cutie pie...:-) He is just so special. I am so happy to see the little man doing so well. Thank you God for giving us the gift and for healing him and making him whole. Please Lord continue to heal this boy through the rest of his surguries. Thank you for answering our prayers.

Can't wait till the little guy can come home :-) I want first crack at babysitting.

Anita Bates

He is soooooooo adorable! What a true miracle. I can't wait to hold him. Praise God for everything he has done and will continue to do.
Love, Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

Oh my gosh, he's so beautiful..... what fabulous eyes he has.....oh, and those lips...... what a beautiful son you have Mr. and Mr.s Beaver :-0)

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