Hide-a-scan on Order


The doctors are still concerned about Matthew's high direct biliruben levels and elevated results of recent liver function tests. Another hide-a-scan test has been ordered for sometime this week. They're looking at the common bile duct area for abnormalities. If that looks normal, the doctors may also consider performing a liver biopsy.

We still don't know when Matthew's eye surgery will be. The eye surgeon said he would try to reschedule in one to one and a half weeks which should be near the end of this week. We haven't heard anything which probably means it will be delayed somewhat.

Jenn is still working with the occupational therapist to get Matthew to feed from a bottle. He does fairly well on the breast when he's very alert, but still isn't taking very much of his feeding that way. He's still tolerating his feeds though, so that's a good sign. It probably means we won't have to do the intestinal surgery.

Matthew's weight's been hovering around 2900 g (6 lbs 6 ounces) for the last couple of weeks, so they've upped the amount of fortifier they're putting in his milk. By itself, breast milk is 20 Calories per ounce. When they first started adding fortifier, they added enough to raise the level to 22 Calories per ounce. This wasn't enough, so a couple of days ago they increased the amount of fortifier to raise the level to 24 Calories per ounce. He was up 60 g (2 ounces) yesterday, so it looks like it might be working.

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