Results of eye surgery


As you know, Matthew had his eye surgery today and as far as we can tell, everything went well. Unfortunately it can be anywhere from 12 to 24 days before we can know for sure if the surgery really worked. He was intubated for the surgery and we all thought he still would be after the surgery. Fortunately for his lung disease, they were able to take him off the ventilator and he went back on the nasal cannula and seemed to be doing fine.

The left eye did progress for the worse in the last two days and I was very thankful they went ahead and did the surgery on both eyes. He had 1100 shots of laser in the left eye and 900 in the right eye. His right eye was worse than his left and should have had more laser shots but because there was so much bleeding already in his eye they couldn't laser through the blood. So, this means that they may have to go back in and do more laser shots on his right eye. The doctor said that he treated the eyes pretty aggressively, but Matthew's eye disease was progressing rapidly so there wasn't much choice. The doctor did mention that there are complications with treating his eyes so aggressively and one of those complications could cause his eyes to shrink and Matthew would still end up with poor vision, or he could have cataracts or a few other things.

One of the other bit of news that we received from the doctors today was that Matthew is showing signs of having Leukemia. To confirm this, the doctors sent out some more blood work and it is going to be tested and the results should come back on Monday or Tuesday. If it is positive, then they will need to get a sample of his bone marrow to confirm that he has it.

Please continue to pray for healing for Matthew's eyes and for there to be no complications later. Pray that this will be the only surgery he needs for his eyes. Please also pray that he does not have Leukemia. Continue to pray for God's perfect timing in performing the other procedures, like the upper GI test and the intestinal surgery. Thank you all for your prayers today. They were definitely felt!!

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