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There's nothing like an early morning call from the hospital waking you up to tell you that Matthew may be developing the NEC infection...About 3:00 this morning Matthew had a really large bloody stool. The lab work they did on the stool confirmed there was blood in it so they went ahead and performed an abdominal x-ray. This showed some air and distention in the bowels which is very indicative of the NEC infection, so they went ahead and started him on antibiotics. Currently they have stopped the feeds and are just giving him IV fluids. They are hesitant to put him on the IV nutrition because this causes his direct bilirubin levels to go up and they are already pretty high. Fortunately, the GI specialist was coming to see him today anyway, to help figure out the problem with his liver, so they are going to talk to him to find out whether or not they should start him on the IV nutrition again. The other bad thing about this nutrition is it can cause swelling of the liver if he is on it for too long. Unfortunatley, they have had to put him on it and off it for awhile because everytime they get him up to full feeds with all this other stuff added to it, he starts to get an infection.

Please add this to the list of prayers for him. Pray that this is not the NEC infection and that the antibiotics kill off whatever is causing the infection. Please also pray that God gives the GI specialist and the other doctors the wisdom they need to make the right decisions with his feeds and also in diagnosing his liver issues.


Jennifer & Jason,
I can imagine the anxiety you are both feeling right now. I have lifted all three of you up in prayer just now, and will continue to do so. Please remember we love you, but God loves you so much more than we are capable of, and will sustain you.
Kiss my precious little Matthew for me, until I can do it in person...

Oh, how we've missed being able to do daily checks on Matthew as we've been without e-mail since we moved. However, I am thankful to be able to check today and realize your needs. We will continue to pray. God, please grant to Jason and Jennifer that peace that you promise to those whose minds are fixed on you. Help them Lord to keep looking to you for their strength. We pray that Matthew will also recieve your strength in new measure today! In the name of Jesus, Amen!
I think of the words to that song - "His strength is perfect when my strength is gone - He'll carry us when we can't carry on - Great in is power the weak become strong - His strength is perfect!"
With much love,

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