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Yesterday Matthew did not have his eye appointment so they ended up performing only one test on him, which was the gastrgraffin enema down in radiology. They didn't see any blockage in the intestines, however the gastrograffin dye did not go all the way up in the intestines, so they may try to perform a test where they do the dye starting from the top instead of through his bottom, so they can see the dye from start to finish.

He is scheduled for the deep IV line today along with the eye exam. Fortunately, everyone there knows NOT to do both, even the nurse who has never had Matthew assured me they wouldn't do both today. They are waiting until later to hear from the eye doctor to see if he will make it today or not. He was scheduled for yesterday, but he didn't end up making it because he was too busy at the clinic and that's why they went ahead with the enema. Let's pray that the same goes for the deep IV line and eye situation today.

When I spoke to the nurse this morning, she told me that some of his test results are back and his liver tests look like they are improving and his direct bilirubin levels are coming back down. Praise God for answering our prayers! Unfortunately, they are not back down to where they need to be but at least they are going in the right direction. Please keep praying that his liver starts to function properly and that the issue with the bile ducts gets resolved completely for the better.

He is still on the nasal cannula and is getting about 30-35% oxygen. He is more active today, so he must be feeling better. He was weighed last night and he is up to 2041 grams or about 4 1/2 pounds. He is really starting to look chubby too. We'll try to get some new photos of him up soon.

Please continue to pray for healing in Matthew's eyes, liver and intestines. Thank you all so very much for your prayers. Praise God for his faithfulness in answering our prayers!!


Praise God again and again, he is soooo faithful! I just want to share another story with you both to show Gods faithfulness. I work with a girl who recently found out her 1 yr old son may have leukemia (all the tests pointed in this direction). This couple also goes to our church so we had everyone praying today about it. I just received a phone call, and it is not leukemia, but some form of virus and he is going to be just fine-GOD CAN DO ANYTHING, AND HE DOES ANSWER PRAYER (maybe not always in the way we hope for or within the time frame that we wish for, but he does answer prayer according to what he knows is best for us in the long run).
Seth and I will continue to pray for Matthews eyes, liver, and intestines. We will also continue to pray for you both to have strength and peace. Love, Seth, Dawn, and Andrew

Jennifer and Jason,

I am at a loss for words. I know that God does not give us more than we can handle, but it seems as though you both are pushed so often to the limits. You are so brave and your faithfulness to the Lord in every adversity re-inspires my own faith. Matthew is blessed to have parents like you.

And that little boy is truly a miracle himself. He continues to fight for his place in this world and I know he will prevail! It is because of him (and both of you) that I have been brought back to daily prayer. Sometimes things like that can slip and we forget to be grateful and ask for help from the Lord daily. Thank you for asking for prayers for Matthew and yourselves because we who have heeded it, have been immeasurably blessed too. I will continue to lift you up daily in my prayers. Praise be to Him!
Love Christina Jenkins
PS If you need anything for yourselves, please ask! I'd welcome the opportunity to do more.

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