5 Pounder!!!

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Matthew crossed the 5 pound mark last night (though it may not be his true weight since he still hasn't passed the contrast from the upper GI test). As you can see from the pictures, he's really looking like a normal baby now.

They put him back on nasal canula today, and he's doing fine. He was on ~30% O2 most of the day. Jenn and I both got to hold him tonight for a bit, and he loved it; he was passed out most of the time.



Thanks for the pictures! Looks like he will be spunky - already sticking his tongue out for the camera!! We continue praying for all three of you and pray that the test results all come back with good results.
We love you,
Beth & Ricardo

Thanks for putting new Matthew pictures up--they give me such a boost. I don't think I'm biased when I say he's a beautiful baby--Can't wait to get my hands on him! Praise God for so many answered prayers! We send our love.
Mom & Curtis

Thanks so much for posting a picture - we were all gathered around and agree that HE IS SO CUTE! It really encouraged us to see him - he's been so much a part of our thoughts and prayers over these few months. We love you all and will keep right on prayin'!

By the way, I think he favors his dad - especially in that toungue-out picture! : )


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