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Matthew had his blood transfusion today, which took about 6.5 hours to complete. It is amazing to see how much better his skin tone looks now that he's had the transfusion. Jason got to hold him for a little bit tonight, but because Matthew had so many things happen to him today, it was only for a small amount of time.

His direct bilirubin levels are still coming down. His current level is 4, which is down from 6 last week.

They are now wanting Matthew to start gaining an ounce a day. Even though he is gaining weight really well on my breastmilk, they want to speed it up by giving him a fat supplement mixed in with my milk. Hopefully after he has gained more weight, he will be able to tolerate going on CPAP and get off the vent.

There are so many changes that we have seen in Matthew over the last few days, it is absolutely amazing. You can start to see his very tiny eyelashes and his fingernails are starting to get longer too. He even graduated to a larger diaper, which is a bit big on him, but it looks much better than the other one he was wearing. After looking at these pictures, you should scroll down to the beginning of these journal entries to see what Matthew used to look like. WOW!! He almost looks like a different baby now!! Yeah! Praise God!! Remember, you can click on the photos to make them larger or to scroll through all the pictures with the titles and captions on them.



Dear Jennifer & Jason:
I can't tell you how happy I am with these latest reports. One of my friends was asking about Matthew just yesterday and I had so much fun telling her the good news and about how your messages are so full of joy and hope nowadays! We love you and pray for you multiple times each day.
While we were in Brazil there was one lady who fealt God's call to pray for our families. There was so much peace knowing that you and Matthew were covered in those prayers!

Jason and Jennifer.
Steve and I, our church family, prayer groups, etc. have all been praying for you and Matthew.
What better evidence is there of God's miraculous ways than in the life of baby Matthew. I have sent emails which haven't gone and now am trying comments again. Your emails have brought tears to my eyes many times-both joyous and sad! He is a beautiful baby and you guys are great parents. I can't wait to get to hold him! I shared your email address with the Proughs from our church who have been through much the same thing recently. I don't know if you have heard from them but Owen was born at 2+ lbs. , had NEC, massive infections, etc. The good news is that through the Drs. efforts and God's Grace he went home at over 8#s 2 wks ago. Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles should open their eyes. Love you guys, Aunt LInda

Jennifer and Jason I do not even know you but I do know this, and that is that God is truly with us always. He has given us all the privilege of being a part of your lives and through this experience has brought a lot of us closer to GOD.
I have shared this internet address with lots of people and I know the word has spread fast to pray for your family and this precious bundle. Keep up the good work mom and dad, you are doing a remarkable job. God Bless you always.

Now that I got the hang of this.... PRAISE BE TO GOD OVER AND OVER!!!! AMEN Thank you again lord for your grace and mercy. Through these rough times we can always count on you. Continue to pray and be open to recognize the miricles that God performs everyday. :-)

I get first dibs on holding the little man since I am the sister. :-) You know the greedy person that I am wanting to hold such a cuty pie.

Again I just want to thank God and praise him for what he has done, and will continue to do in Matthews life, your lives, and the lives of those following up with this journal.
The pictures are absolutely adorable (priceless).
He looks wonderful (I don't think I've ever seen Jason grin so much, except at your wedding, of course).

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