Growing Again

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Matthew is up to 1410g (3lb 1.5oz). Since he's growing so much and his infection is almost gone, they're currently planning on resuming his feedings tomorrow after the doctors make their rounds. They will start at a reduced level and then increase them until he's back to full feeds. They're also planning on extubating him this weekend.


This is great news! So glad to hear that Matthew is recovering from the infection and still growing. Can't imagine holding a 3 pound baby. Looking forward to seeing the pictures you sent your Mom tonight!

First and foremost, I want to praise you, Lord for answering our prayers. You are absolutely amazing!
We will continue to pray or Matthew, that he continues to gain weight, and that his body remains infection free. We cannot wait to hold you Matthew.
We will also continue to pray for you both, that you remain strong, and at peace.
This is incredible news! Love, Seth and Dawn

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