Some Setbacks, but Stable

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Matthew's conditioned worsened a little over night. They had to go back up on the Jet ventilator settings to levels above where they were before the surgery. Fluid is continuing to collect in his belly, and his urine levels have dropped significantly. They used a needle to withdraw about 60ml of fluid from his belly, which relieved some of the pressure on his lungs. This helped with his respiration, allowing them to come back down on the ventilator settings.

He's still receiving Dopamine for his blood pressure, but they've also started giving him Dobutamine to help maintain it.

In the afternoon, his urine level started increasing again which is a great sign. They've increased his fluid levels to provide him with more nutrition. His blood gas numbers improved dramatically during the day, allowing them to reduce the ventilator settings as well as reduce the oxygen level in the air he is breathing. By 9 p.m., he was on almost the lowest settings on the Jet and was breathing room air. Though he's been on room air from time to time in the past, he was never on it for very long as the nurses were always chasing his blood gas levels with the ventilator settings.


We are so grateful to God that Baby Matthew was able to have his surgery on Tuesday. And we continue to pray daily for his 100% recovery, and for his parents, "Abiding peace,... faith that sees everything in the light of God's overriding governance for good, hopefulness that stands firm in the most discouraging of circumstances..." (Dallas Willard)

Leo loves navigating your website, looking at all the photos of his newest cousin. He is learning how God answers prayer.

We love you guys!

Karen, Roger & Leo

Dear J&J,
You three are constantly in my prayers. I have Andrew with me today. Maybe I can teach him to pray for his cousin too.
GrandPa Curtis

Hi Jennifer, Jason, and Matthew,

Thank you so much for the regular updates. I wish for you all a sense of peace and hope. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Much love,


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