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First and foremost, the tests results for the Cystic Fibrosis came back negative!!! Yeah!! Praise God!! Of course this genetic test doesn't test for all the mutations of the CF gene, but there's a pretty good chance he won't have it because the other mutations are pretty rare. We will have him tested again when he is old enough to do the sweat tests.

Matthew was put on CPAP today at noon but was reintubated again about 6:30. I went to pump and then came back in the room to find my baby blue all over and being bagged by the nurse. He was dropping his oxygen saturation into the low 30's and his heart rate dropped down to the 50's. The doctor decided to reintubate him because this happened several times within the hour.

They increased the feedings to 15 ml's every three hours. Unfortunately, he still has not had any bowel movements.

I didn't get a chance to talk to the doctor again today because she had to leave early. I hope to talk to her tomorrow because there were a lot of other test results that came back today that the evening doctor wasn't sure how to interpret. They may need to call the geneticist tomorrow to understand exactly what they mean.

Praise God for the good news about the CF!
Please pray that he is able to have a bowel movement and that he continues to do so without complications. Continue to pray that he never gets the NEC infection.
Continue to pray that the abnormality in his brain goes away completely. (I should know more about the ultrasound results tomorrow)
Continue to pray for healing of his lung infection and that his lungs continue to grow stronger and produce the right amount of secretions.



PRAISE GOD! He has been so incredibly faithful throughout all of this. Our faith has really been strengthened as I'm sure yours has as well. What a testimony to everyone who has been following up with little Matthew.
We will continue to prayer (prayer works, God always listens).
Jenn, I will have my cell phone on this weekend if you get lonely and want to talk (859)312-4718. We love you guys, Seth and Dawn

We are so happy about the CF test results! We continue praying for Matthew's health and your peace. Wish we were there with you!
Love,Beth and Ricardo

WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Praise The Lord, Praise The Lord, Praise The Lord. Matthew sure is a testament that miracles still do exist. That boy is going to do great things some day :-)

I'll see you tomorrow Jen ~ Luv You!!!!

PRAISE HIM FOR HIS GOODNESS!!!! I am doing the happy dance right now! I will continue to pray for Matthew's continued progress! We rejoice with you in God's goodness!

Love, Jim and Tammy and kids

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