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Matthew was moved into an isolette this afternoon. He has been on a table until this point because he needed to be watched so closely and because the doctors and nurses might have to jump in at a moment's notice to deal with a problem. Now that he's stabilized, the isolette provides him a quieter environment in which to grow. The isolette provides a temperature controlled environment for him until he's got a layer of baby fat and can regulate his body temperature himself. Once he's about 1900g, they'll move him to a bassinet until he's ready to go home.

When they upped him to 9ml every 3 hours, they were finding residual breast milk during subsequent feedings. They cut him back to 8ml every 3 hours for most of the day; but since he still hasn't had a bowel movement on his own yet, they actually stopped his feedings this evening. They've given him an enema and a suppository (his fourth actually) to try and relieve his constipation.


Good Morning!!!

PRAISE GOD that you have been able to hold sweet Matthew and that he is able to take the breat milk for a large part of his sustenance!! Also, we are praying that the isolet will enable him to stay calm and rested so he can fatten up and grow, grow, grow!!! I pray that the fluid between his hemispheres will dissipate. We are rejoicing with you at his progress!!! We love you!

Tammy and family

P.S. To give you hope - a couple we know from church gave birth at 28 weeks - little Owen had NEC and several surgeries ensued....he went home last night! I am anxiously waiting and praying for the news down the road that you have the same sweet result!!!

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