Slight Improvement


After a recent chest x-ray, doctors said it looks like Matthew's air leak between his lungs and chest wall has disappeared. Because of this, they took him off the jet respirator and put him back on the traditional respirator. This is a good sign that his lungs are improving. He's been back on room air most of the time since he's been off the jet; and since he doesn't fight the traditional respirator as much as he does the jet, they haven't had to give him any sedatives all day. It's good to see him more active.

The also performed another ECG on his heart and discovered that the medicine they have been giving him to close the PDA valve hasn't worked. They're going to try increasing the dosage and give him another round. We should know tomorrow or the next day if it has worked. If it hasn't, surgery will be required to close the valve. This is generally not a big deal, and the doctors have said that babies generally handle this procedure very well.

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