Off of the Respirator

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Amazingly, Matthew was taken off the respirator today and put on a device called a CPAP. Being on the CPAP means he's breathing on his own now!!! Basically, it provides him air through something similar to a nasal canula, except it provides positive pressure to help him keep his lungs inflated. The respirators he's been on up until now required having a tube down his throat to his lungs. It's so great to see him without that big tube down his throat. Doctors have told us that it's really common to see young babies transition to the CPAP, only to have to go back onto a traditional respirator later. So although things are definitely looking up today, he may not stay this well.


Wow - we continue to be amazed at the awesome power of God and His work in Matthew's little life. We pray that He is meeting you as well - giving you amazing doses of strength and energy and peace! God bless you all. We're so glad you are family!
Lots of love,

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