Critical again

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Respiratory - Today was not a good day for little Matthew. He is back on the jet ventilator today because his carbon dioxide levels were extremely elevated and they were not able to get them back down to an acceptable level while still being on the regular ventilator.

Heart - The doctor also confirmed that the PDA valve in the heart is NOT closed and they will have to perform surgery later this week. They would normally do the surgery sooner than later, but to top everything off, Matthew has an "unknown" infection. They are not able to determine what is causing the infection yet, so they have him on three different antibiotics until the test results from the blood and spinal fluid samples come back. The down side to waiting to do the surgery is that his lungs could start to fill with fluids.

Brain - On Friday, a second ultrasound was done to see if the brain bleed has worsened. The unofficial report on Friday was that it did not. However, today two different doctors could not agree on what they thought they were seeing, so they are waiting for a third opinion and we won't know until tomorrow the official results of the bleed.

New developments - His abdomen is very distended and is blackish blue in color. He looks like he is badly bruised and the color has darkened over the last several hours and may continue to get worse. According to the x-rays they are taking, they don't think it is a gut infection, however the other signs they are seeing look like it could be a gut infection. On a plus note, they are no longer suctioning dark black liquid that looked like motor oil from his stomach. It is now beginning to look a bit more normal but they are still going to watch it for further problems.

He used to be very active but he has been lying in his bed pretty limp and at times appears to be lifeless. He used to grab my finger but he doesn't have the strength to do that right now.

This has been a very emotional day for me and it has been extra hard since Jason is out of town. I was warned that Matthew was going to have hard days like this, but I don't think anything can really prepare you for it until you are there. It breaks my heart to see my baby so ill and laying there so helpless and fighting for his life...I know God is in control and he is a God that can perform miracles beyond our wildest imaginations. It is hard to go through these dark hours not knowing which way things are going to turn, but I find peace in God and in knowing that all of you are praying for our little one, Matthew (his name means gift from God). Thank you for your prayers and support!


Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted you to know that you are very much in our thoughts and prayers. My heart really goes out to you. Just wish we lived closer to be more supportive. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.



Jason and Jennifer,

You two don't know me, but I am a friend of a co-worker of one of your friends and I thought you just might like to know that there are others out here praying for your precious little boy. His story has touched my heart and I am checking back daily on his progress (sometimes with a smile and sometimes with tears). Thank you for keeping it so up to date, and I pray that God continues to give you two the strength and peace to handle this situation. I greatly admire your faith and just want to encourage you to continue to lean on Jesus and trust that he is in control. God Bless.

Dear Jennifer,

Baby Matthew, Jason and you have been in our prayers constantly. We look at the updates often, so we have been following his progress daily. We love you guys, and we are looking forward to meeting Matthew!

Leo was only 7 weeks early, so our NICU experience was nothing like yours. We just ache for you and can't imagine how hard this must be. But God is good.

We'll stay in touch.
Love, Karen, Roger & Leo

Jenn and Jason,

Thanks for posting the updates. I'm checking everyday and praying constantly. God is good and I pray that His peace beyond all understanding pour over you. And that Matthew be filled with the healing power of His Holy Spirit.


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