We found out today that Matthew has had a small bleed into the ventricles of his brain. This type of brain bleed is extremely common in babies born this early. With the amount of bleeding so far, doctors have said that it will have virtually no impact on his brain. The doctors will be doing another head ultrasound on friday to see how things are changing. There are two cases they seem to be worried about:

  1. Bleeding continues into the ventricles causing the ventricles to expand. This can apply pressure to the brain and could cause brain damage if not treated.
  2. Blood could break through the ventricle walls and into the brain tissue directly.

Doctors also performed a chest ultrasound and determined that his PDA valve (the valve that shunts blood from the lungs to the body in utero) is open. This valve normally closes at birth so that blood can flow to both the lungs and the body. When left open after birth, blood flows in reverse through the shunt, sending too much blood to his lungs. This results in less blood going to his body. They're giving him medication now to help close the valve. We should know in a couple of days whether this medication is working or if the doctors will have to close it surgically.

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